Higher Education Literacy Skills Course- Created in Blackboard

The screenshots below are from an undergraduate level early childhood education course I created in Blackboard.  To design this course, I went through the stages of the ADDIE process.  I first completed an analysis to identify the target learners and the overall course goals, considering how this course would fit into the overall undergraduate degree program.  I then grouped the course content into modules of related information and wrote specific and measurable objectives for each.  Next, I created an assessment for each objective.  The assessments were performance-based and focused on the skills the learners would be expected to demonstrate in the workplace.  Learning activities were then designed to help learners meet the objectives, including interactive webinars, readings, video presentations, and threaded discussion posts.   The course was then built in Blackboard.

While the course is mostly designed to be completed asynchronously within certain predetermined due dates, there are many features built into the course to create a community of learners.  These include a synchronous, instructor-led webinar hosted in WebEx at the beginning of each module, open-ended discussion threads that require learners to comment on each other’s posts, and opportunities for learners to share projects and receive feedback from classmates before submitting them to the instructor for grading.

Course Announcements Page

Blackboard screen 1

Discussion Board

Blackboard screen 2

Assignments Page

Blackboard screen 3

Interactive Practice Activity During Webinar Hosted in WebEx