Blended Learning Course on Job Search Skills

These artifacts are part of a blended learning course I recently designed and developed for a large company.  The course focuses on job search skills and includes weekly, instructor-led webinars and additional, asynchronous activities completed in a learning management system.  Following the steps of the ADDIE model, I completed an initial analysis to identify the target audience, major course goals, and method of delivery.  I then organized the course content into eight modules and wrote specific and measurable objectives for each.  Assessments were created for each module that were closely aligned with the module objectives, and learning activities were designed to help learners master the objectives.  Student and instructor learning materials and assessment tools were also developed, including rubrics, an animated video, and interactive quizzes created in Poll Everywhere.  Additionally, a course evaluation plan was created following Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation.

For proprietary reasons, a few artifacts from this course have been selected for inclusion in this portfolio.  These include:

  • a table outlining the objectives for all course modules, written using Mager’s performance-based learning objective format
  • the rubric used to evaluate students’ responses to the weekly online discussion prompts
  • the rubric used to evaluate students’ responses to an assignment requiring them to write cover letters tailored to specific job postings related to their career goals

Click here to view the course artifacts.

job search rubric