Branching Scenario on Lockdown Procedures- Created in Adobe Captivate

This branching scenario was developed as part of a district compliance training on emergency procedures.  It was developed to help learners meet the following objective in the lockdown module:  Given a lockdown scenario, educators will correctly sequence the steps of the district procedure 100% of the time.  Following William Horton’s categories of learning, it is designed as a do activity after learners have absorbed information about the steps of the procedure.  Benefits of this scenario approach include learner interactivity, a realistic context, and opportunities to reflect upon errors.  Upon completion of the e-learning training, learners will be asked to further apply their knowledge by participating in school drills.  They will also be given job aids outlining the key steps in the procedure.  These job aids will be displayed in their classrooms, further encouraging learners to use what they have learned while on the job.

Click the picture below to view the project.

job search rubric