Digital Job Aid

Click the photo to view the entire job aid.

job aid

This job aid was created in Piktochart as part of my Educational Applications of Multimedia course.  It was designed to be distributed to newly hired adult education instructors at a community college.  Text, pictures, and screencasts are used to model how to search for and share educational resources using OER Commons.  It utilizes several multimedia principles, including the temporal contiguity principle, the cueing principle, the modality principle, and the worked example principle, in order to increase learning.

Digital Storytelling Storyboard and Video

storyboard screenshot     scene 1

This is an example of a digital story I created for high school students to introduce the concept of including sensory details in narrative writing.  The storyboard was completed in PowerPoint as part of the planning process.   The audio was edited in Audacity, and the video was edited using Windows Movie Maker.

Articulate 360 Course on Apollo 11

Apollo quiz

This course was created as part of a challenge through Purdue University’s Learning Design and Technology program to earn a digital badge in Articulate.  The course utilizes several design features in Articulate 360, such as audio, video, screencasts, quiz questions, and interactive buttons.